Do I still like pickles? Heck yes!

Latest batch of spicy dill refrigerator pickles made with thai chilies.

Latest batch of spicy dill refrigerator pickles made with thai chilies.

This last Mothers’ Day, I went up to visit my sister and bro-in-law in Minnesota and mom came up from Missouri. We had some interesting adventures — one food-related involved a little deli (will have to track down the name of it) with some scrummy sammiches. I had a meat-centric conconction but all I can remember really is mom randomly asking me, “do you still like pickles?” I laughed and said yes…I knew she was specifically referring to a phase I went through when I was a kid where all I wanted to eat was frozen pickles.

A couple months ago, not sure what spurred me, but decided to see if it was easy to make pickles. Turns out, yes, it’s boil some vinegar, cut up some stuff and chuck it in a jar easy. To clarify, these are refrigerator pickles, not pressure canned type stuff. I turned to ye olde trusty online searching and found a variety of recipes but none that appealed as much as this one from All Day I Dream About Food, Spicy Dill Refrigerator Pickles (Secret Recipe Club).

I’m not going to repost the recipe except to comment on some variations. With my first batch, I didn’t have kosher salt so used sea salt and things turned out fine. I have since picked up some kosher salt though and the reason why is that kosher doesn’t have extra minerals and such found in other salts that could affect the flavor. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a vast difference but ya never know.

Also, at the time I only had enough jars for 2 pints but ended up using the same amount of spices etc. that are used for 3 pints in the recipe. I think I really liked the amped up spices so have since continued to keep things around the same. This type of math has never been my strength so guesstimation involving spices and this recipe seems to be okay.

The current batch I’m making uses thai chilies instead of jalapenos. I have some cayennes lined up for a possible experiment batch as well as a request to do a jalapeno only jar (along with some pickled eggs). The only thing with the eggs is that I will likely wait until I have a jar with just the brine and spices and pop everything back into the fridge. That is how we used to pickle eggs when we were kids (when we’d have an empty pickle jar with just the juice).

These pickles are quick, easy, and punch you in the face amazing. I do like spicy things but they aren’t overwhelmingly spicy…I still don’t know what to expect from the thai chilies though!

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