BEHOLD! The versatile chicken bowl of goodness…

Assembly line food bowls with all ingredients added (except the greens).

Assembly line food bowls with all ingredients added (except the greens).

I joke with a friend of mine that I could eat a Moe’s burrito every day (but we both know we’re really not joking too hard…). For those of you without a Moe’s in the vicinity, the concept is similar to Chipotle or other fresh ingredient burrito establishments. I have only a few problems with the giganto burrito, one being they are enormously huge and for me, don’t really keep for snacking on later. The other is being the same ingredients over and over (and that you don’t have full control over how those ingredients were cooked or prepared). If you get the big burrito with all the fun stuff including guacamole, the price quickly adds up as well.

The food bowl equation:

Protein (at least 3 ounces but probably not much more than how big your hand is [palm])

Whole grain (1/4 cup — wheat berries, barley, quinoa, wild rice…the list goes on)

Legume or beans (1/4 cup — black, pintos, anasazi, lentils, garbanzos…)

Salsa (at least 1/4 cup, maybe more depending on how much heat you want)

Cheese (just a pinch, mostly for color and flavor)

Fresh greens (at least 1/2 cup but more if you can cram them in your bowl BUT do not add these if you are freezing your bowls — add after the bowl has been reheated — spinach, kale, arugula)

The proportions are really up to you but I like to keep things on the small side because I’m pretty sure my stomach wasn’t intended to hold an entire huge burrito. The beauty of this formula is that I can customize everything and always have something new to taste.

This week the whole grain was amaranth which I had read about but never tried. Turns out when cooked it is like a super teeny quinoa so I think it will add almost a cornmeal like consistency to the bowls. Read more about amaranth at the Whole Grains Council site.

Food bowls stacked and ready for the freezer.

Food bowls stacked and ready for the freezer.

For legumes (or beans, to cover my arse just in case something I use doesn’t technically fall into the right category), I used some roasted garbanzos from an experiment, well, roasting garbanzos. Some came out crunchy and some a bit chewy so I smacked them all a bit and tossed them in.

These will all go in the freezer (without the greens) for later lunches and dinners. To heat up, pop into the microwave uncovered for 2 minutes — stir — go for another minute. Make sure the chicken is steaming and hot. Add your greens (I love baby arugula) and stir — add a touch of hot sauce if you like — and enjoy!


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