Microgreens a growing…

Savory Mix Microgreens seeds from Botanical Interests.

Savory Mix Microgreens seeds from Botanical Interests.

February and its short, dark days always hits me like an appropriate metaphor here. The only time I didn’t feel like I was going to go cabin crazy or stir fry was a couple years ago I went to a tanning salon once a week. There, my secret is revealed. Me, the vampire, was deliciously tan for about three months.

Regardless, its March now and I’m craving greens, much like the vegetarian zombie would crave grrrrrrains (tee hee, say that aloud like you are a vegetarian zombie). I’ve tired of the baby arugula on my pizza and wearied of whatever Costco has in bulk. I need it grown in my own garden and its too early to plant!

I don’t remember where I first saw a story about the topic of microgreens but it was a relatively new concept to me. I had seen micro basil once at Harry’s Farmers Market but they never had it again (or at least none of the times after that first one). I had also bought some sunflower sprouts one time but forgot them in the crisper drawer and by the time I remembered, they were wasted money.

I did a bit more research (yay Internets!) and found a helpful article on About.com Organic Gardening which gave me the confidence to take the next step. By random chance, my nearest Pike Nursery had all their seeds 20% off and my annual rewards had kicked in so I was able to buy 4 packets (2 of the savory, 1 pea, and 1 sunflower) of microgreen seeds from Botanical Interests (and please note, they nor Pike sponsored this in anyway, it all just happened to be a convenient conjunction).  Each packet has enough seeds it seems I should be able to get quite a few crops out of my experiment.

Microgreens a growing in a shallow container of seed starter mix (not dirt).

Microgreens a growing in a shallow container of seed starter mix (not dirt).

Just so happens I have my garden seedlings (tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, and marigolds) all percolating under a grow light so I found a shallow container, added about two inches of seed starting mix (not dirt), smoothed in a handful of the savory mix seeds and added it to my pile of baby plants. In about five days I have a whole tray of yummy microgreens that are going onto some noodles for dinner tonight as a tasty, healthy garnish.

Even if you think you can’t grow anything, you could grow microgreens!


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