Growing a Salsa and Pickle Garden

From previous posts (salsa verdespicy pickles) you know that I put together, adapted, or found perfect recipes for my style for some refrigerator staples. If fresh salsa and spicy pickles aren’t part of your current refrigerator staples, you need to open your mind and mouth!

Sungold cherry tomato plants growing in containers.

Sungold cherry tomatoes growing on the patio, doing much better than the ones outside actually…

I planned out what I would need in my container garden to make truly from the ground up homemade versions which included tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, cilantro, garlic, peppers, and limes (but decided at least this year to just do the easy stuff and see how things go, so no lime trees started). For the spicy pickles I would need to add cucumbers and dill.

Starting plants from seed was new for me and seeing how some of the plants have done better on the patio than transplanted directly into the garden, I have a feeling I didn’t do a long enough hardening off process. No matter, that is one of the fantastic things to me about gardening is I learn something new with every season. The seedlings that are outside in the raised beds aren’t dead yet but I can just tell they are struggling more than the 4 that I put into containers.

Some fun variations on your usual onions and peppers, I bought seed from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for Black Hungarian Pepper and Australian Brown Onion.  Oh and the Purple Coban Tomatillo! The base tomatoes are the Cherokee Purple variety which I was going to start from seed that my cousin had given me from my grandmother’s garden but I couldn’t find the seeds when I went to look! I have found them since but I went ahead and bought plants from the local Pike Nursery who carries Organiks and I’ve had great success with their plants before (mostly herbs last year).

Container garden with a variety of growing plants.

Container garden with nasturiums, sweet potatoes, lemon squash, christmas pole lima beans, and cucumbers are just off screen to the left.

The only plant I haven’t started yet is the cilantro. It is a “slo-bolt” variety from Baker Creek but I think I may keep it on the patio. I want to start it a bit closer to harvest time for the tomatoes. I suppose I could freeze it for the purposes of salsa making as well.

We had a fairly rainy spring and everything just started to burst at the seams so to speak in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been able to have arugula salads almost everyday if I like!


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