Distracted by Coffee

I’ve learned over time that my interests are the same as my moods and can run very hot and cold. I’ll be keenly focused on inventing the most efficient way of prepping food bowls and then next, I drop off the radar for three years.

To that latter end, I got distracted by coffee. I had the idea to launch a mobile coffee service and food truck (Magic Coffee Truck) and I made it pretty far before I decided I wasn’t having fun with it any longer. Now I’m sure I’ll post about that one day because of course I’ve spent some time figuring out why that happened.

One of the recurring themes from what I did like during the process was recipe development and food/drink innovations. And that’s what RAWR! foods started as really but just with more of a health focus. In that time I’ve tried so many different things including meal services like Blue Apron and also a ketogenic diet.

Rather than feeling sad I didn’t log along the way, I’ll be doing some postings about new adventures but not getting so far down the social media rabbit hole I did with Magic Coffee Truck. I’m proud of the Instagram feed I built with that though and will likely continue to post good photos as things of interest occur.




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